English Version - *version française dessous* THREE STYLES  When I first started painting in 1989, I tried to copy such great painters as Degas, Monet, Turner, Van Gogh, and many others.   All these paintings were figurative in the sense you could see the motif they were trying to capture.   Eventually I started to do my own “figurative” paintings.   This was the first of my three styles.   As I learned and experimented over the years, I started to develop my second styIe.   I called these paintings “abstract figurative” because depending on your own personal perspective, you could see different things. My third style was pure abstract.   These were heavily influenced by Jackson Pollock and Jean-Paul Riopelle.   I must admit the first time I saw a Pollock I did not get it.   But as my understanding of art evolved, I began to appreciate the beauty in abstract art.     I would get bored pai