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English Version - *version française dessous*  MY EARLIEST PAINTING I have no recollection of my first painting efforts.   Nevertheless, I was told about it many times as I grew up.   My parents moved into a duplex on Patricia Avenue in NDG, a suburb of Montreal two weeks before I was born.   My Grandfather and my Uncle Bob lived on the first floor and we lived above them.   I was the first of four kids.   Apparently, if I had been a girl, my parents were going to name me “Patricia” after the street.   PHOTO/S: ROSANNE, STEPHEN & ME WITH GRANDPA   Both Mom and Dad worked.   During the day, Grandpa and Uncle Bob took care of me and in the summer they used to put me in backyard so I would not wake up my newly arrived siblings, Rosanne and Stephen, twins who arrived two years after me followed by my youngest brother Robby, a year after the twins.     According to family lore, when I was just over three, I escaped from