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    English Version - *version française dessous* FROM A HOBBY TO A PASSION The first time I picked up a paint brush was in 1989.   In the beginning, all I did was copy the Impressionists.   I started slowly and didn’t do many paintings.   But I experimented a lot with different mediums… oil, acrylic and pastels.     In March of 1990, my wife Francine and I drove to the Boston Museum of Fine Art to see an exhibit on Monet’s series paintings.   I had been to museums before but this time it was very different… I was stunned to see the Monets in person.   Up until then, I dabbled in painting.   After that visit it became a serious hobby.   I started reading books on impressionism.   I found out Winston Churchill had started painting at my age and written a book called “Painting as a Pastime”.   That book, along with many others help fuel my interest in painting.     Eventually, my hobby became a passion.   If I had


   English Version - *version française dessous* MY FRIEND MARK “Never let schooling interfere with your education”  – Mark Twain I laughed when I read Mark Twain’s quote...   I felt he was speaking to me!   You see, I was a terrible student.   I only mastered two subjects, history and current events.   I barely got out of high school and never had the marks to go to university.   Consequently, I went into the family jewelry business.   I was 18 years old.   Five years later my parents went into a joint venture in the Republic of Ireland with two other companies.   My folks suggested to their partners that even though I was young, I could run the green field start up.   Everyone agreed and I moved to Ireland.     I knew the manufacturing process pretty well, but that was about it.   I had no experience setting up a new business, hiring the employees, running the entire operation and dealing with a union (all foreign start up


  English Version - *version française dessous*    LATE BEGINNINGS My first wife bought me a paint set for Christmas in 1988.   It was a beginners set for oil painting and had a small 5" x 7" canvas along with an instruction booklet on how to paint several different images.     In the spring of 1989, I tried it out.   Because I have kept a daily diary since the age of 23, I know the exact date.   It was Sunday, April 16 th , 1989.   I choose a winter farm scene and carefully followed the instructions.   To be frank, it was almost like “paint-by-numbers” but without the lines and numbers!   After about five hours of effort, I told myself "nice try... Don't quit your day time job!"   At that point in time, I had no intention of continuing and put the painting and the set on a shelf in my garage. I literally forgot about it for about three weeks. Then on Saturday, May 6 th , I had to get somet


  English Version - *version française dessous*  FIRST INSPIRATIONS In December 1988, I was at my Mother-in-Laws house for Christmas. Several years previous, she saw the Courtauld Impressionist collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Fine Art.  She purchased a souvenir coffee table book. I had thumbed through this book a number of times and was glancing through it again that Christmas.   However, this time was different...   I clearly remember turning a page and seeing Degas.  Then Monet.  I will never forget how I felt that day when I turned those pages and saw such beauty... it was an epiphany!    I was struck by the vibrant colors and beauty and decided at that moment, I wanted to try and paint.   I was 38 years old at the time and had never had any interest in art, in fact, I was terrible in high school art classes… but then again, I was terrible in student in all subjects!   But I wanted to try.    To thi